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Portable Air Conditioners, Window Air Conditioner, Mini Split

Sunpentown Portable Air Conditioner WA-1350DE
Bigtime BTU power for efficient room cooling. This dual hose SPT, WA-1350DE Portable Air Conditioner is priced right and can cool just over three hundred square feet of living space. Designed for portable home cooling, this AC is actually a three in one product that uses self-evaporative moisture removal so you don't have to drain the unit as often, compared to other portable air brands. Loaded...
Price: $557.95
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Window Air Conditioners :: Wall Mounted Air Conditioners
Portable Air Conditioners
Compare Portable Air Conditioners, Mini Split, Swamp Coolers
Pridiom Ductless Mini Splits Split Air Conditioner Systems
Create the comfort that you want by staying cool all day. Our extensive line of Portable air Conditioners are small and mobile, making them easy to move from room to room.

Portable air conditioners are affordable, small, portable and easy to install in any room with a window!

  • Bring in cool air exactly where you want it - great solution for cooling individual rooms
  • Portable air conditioners reduce humidity and moisture
  • Portable air units are easy to move from room to room and cheaper to run than central air conditioning
  • Use to cool dorm rooms, server rooms, bedrooms or other living area. Easy installation is an added benefit and most models come with a remote control
We carry quality portable a/c brands from air conditioner manufacturers such as; Soleus, LG, Sunpentown Portable Air Conditioners, and several others portable air conditioner brands.

Read our portable air conditioner product pages to review each unit before you buy. We also have heavy duty spot cooling units for large commercial needs.

Is your window air conditioner creating an eyesore? There is a better way to cool your room by purchasing a portable air conditioner. If a window air is what you need, we stock a selection of window air units also.

These popular and relatively inexpensive A/C units are great for cooling small to medium rooms, offices, computer rooms server rooms and other personal spaces. They simply plug right into any existing outlet.

Many portable air conditioner models offer both heating and cooling options or just cooled air depending on your portable air conditioner needs.

Other ac features include dual hose exhaust, remote controls, and electronic displays.

Portable air conditioners use a compressor refrigerant that is air-cooled, meaning it uses air to exchange heat, in the same way as a car or typical household air conditioner. Portable air condition units, dehumidify and cool.

Water and moisture is collected from the cool air. Portable a/c also produces hot air which is vented outside through hoses in the back of the air conditioner. This transfers heat from the air in the cooled room to the outside via a ducted vent hose that is placed in a nearby window.

We also carry the full line of Soleus Air Conditioners and Sunpentown Air Conditioners.

General BTU Sizing Information Based On Room Size and Room Type:

16,000 BTU Up To 500 Sq. Feet
14,000 BTU Up To 500 Sq. Feet
13,000 BTU Up To 400 Sq. Feet
12,000 BTU Up To 400 Sq. Feet
11,000 BTU Up To 350 Sq. Feet
10,000 BTU Up To 250 Sq. Feet
9,000 BTU Up To 200 Sq. Feet
7,000 BTU Up To 150 Sq. Feet

Windows, kitchens and sun facing rooms may require additional btu.

Direct Sunshine and Second Story Homes: Add 10% of BTU

Shaded Areas: Reduce BTU amount by 10%

Over 2 Persons in a Room: Add 600 BTU per extra person

Kitchen: Add 4,000 BTU

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