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Attic Flooring System
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Attic Flooring System

Item code: attic-dek
Price: $36.95
Attic Flooring Provides Additional Space For Storage

Easy Installation For Do-It-Yourself Projects

Safe, Easy, and Secure
In Stock
The attic Dek flooring System is the only attic flooring system designed to turn unfinished attic space into usable storage space. The pre-fabricated plastic panel squares are secured with screws to the attic floor joists to create flooring space for storage or a stepping stone pathway to access hard-to-reach spaces.

The panels are ready-to-use and require no measuring or cutting. Each panel has five prefabricated holes for screws to be secured into the attic floor joists. Users can install four panels in 15 minutes.

Attic Dek panels are available in 16" X 16" and 16" by 24" panel sizes. The 16" panels are sold in packs of eight, and the 24" panels are sold in packs of four.

The attic flooring panels are extremely strong and durable, with each panel supporting up to 250 pounds.

How can it be used?

Flooring for attic storage area
Stepping stones to access attic mechanicals
Elevated surface for storage in wet areas, like basements

Why is it better than plywood?

No measuring:

To use, all you need to know is if you have 16-inch or 24-inch truss spacing in your attic. Joist spacing is the 'on-center' distance from one deck joist to another deck joist. 'On-center' means that you measure from the middle of one joist to the middle of the other joist.

No cutting:

Attic Dek is designed to fit standard truss spacing.


The panels can be used as a storage surface or a walk path.

Easily carried:

Lightweight and sturdy, Attic Dek can be delivered to your door or easily carried in a shopping cart and placed in your car -- unlike plywood, which is normally transported on your car roof or in a truck bed.

Only one tool required:

It only takes a screwdriver to install the screws that are included in the package.


It normally takes less than 15 minutes to install four to eight panels.


Panels are a light grey. Unlike plywood, the panels are already finished.


Attic Dek’s strength is equivalent to 3/4-inch plywood.

Tools Needed:

Power Screwdriver (recommended)

Instructions For Installation:

1. Install racks over joists that are 24 inches on center with the screws that are provided.
2. Racks can be placed in a row or side by side in any configuration to fit your measurements.
3. Place tabs face down and between joists.
4. Screw in place to secure.

This innovative attic flooring system is available in 24" squares (pack of Four)
or 16" squares (pack of eight).
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