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Baseboard Booster Fan
Baseboard Booster FanBaseboard Booster Fan
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Baseboard Booster Fan

Item code: aft-1000-0089-4x10almond
Price: $79.95

Safe, Easy, and Secure
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The AirFlow Breeze baseboard booster is 18" in length. Simply attaches to your wall to replace your current baseboard register vent cover.

The baseboard Booster Fan has an unique configuration combines the 4"x10" AirFlow Breeze Booster Fan with an angular frame to allow it to be installed in place of your 18" baseboard register.

The AirFlow™ Breeze Baseboard Booster Fan keeps a room comfortable by increasing the flow of warm or cool air with thermostat-controlled fans.

Use the AirFlow™ Breeze Register Booster Fans In Rooms That Are Too Hot Or Too Cold

Once you set your target comfort level, the built-in temperature sensor takes over. It will direct the powerful, yet quiet fan to pull extra warm or cool air out of weak registers, which increases air flow to rooms that are difficult to keep at a comfortable temperature.

What's Included:

(1) 4x10 almond booster fan and (1) 18" baseboard adaptor, installation instructions.

*Note - The adapator cannot be purchased separately at this time

AirFlow Breeze 18” baseboard register booster fan assembly installation instructions:

After removing the existing 18” baseboard register, place the baseboard adapter in the vacant location and mark the two mounting points for either wall mount or floor mount.

Step 1: After locating the adapter mounting points, install the screw provided in each location.

Step 2: Snap AirFlow Breeze fan unit into the baseboard adapter

Step 3: Slide the adapter over the screw as shown

Step 4: Slide the adapter so the screw is tight to the smaller slot.

Step 5: Plug in Breeze to wall socket and follow set-up instructions provided with the Breeze

Baseboard Booster Fan Instructions(.pdf)
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