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Sanitizing Furniture and Bed Vacuum for Bed Bugs
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Sanitizing Furniture and Bed Vacuum for Bed Bugs

Item code: vlx VH07WW1
Price: $129.95

Safe, Easy, and Secure
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It's official, the test results are in and the VH07WW1 does kill Bed Bug eggs!

UV-C light is effective at killing bed bug eggs and bed bug nymphs. Testing has been performed by a United States independent third party laboratory using UV-C light against bed bug eggs and bed bug nymphs.

Keep your Mattress and Bedding Germ-Free

400 Watts of power creates superior and consistent suction

Cyclonic action keeps dust and debris away from the filter, maintaining a strong suction

Easy empty, bagless design and 2-stage micro-allergy filtration prevents recirculation of pollutants

Detachable hand vacuum for quick cleanups and hard to reach places

UV-C light eliminates up to 99.9% of viruses

Cyclonic action keeps dust and debris away from the filter, maintaining strong suction

Easy empty, bagless design and 2-stage micro-allergy filtration prevent recirculation of pollutants

UV-C light eliminates up to 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, germs, mold, dust mite and flea eggs from beds, upholstered furniture and other household surfaces

Keep your mattress and bedding germ-free with the CleanWave® UV-C Sanitizing Furniture & Bed Vac.

The Furniture & Bed Vac uses UV-C light to eliminate up to 99.9% of viruses (including H1N1), bacteria, germs, mold, dust mite and flea eggs. Unlike harsh chemicals than can damage fabrics and upholstery, the Furniture & Bed Vac is ideal for cleaning difficult to sanitize household surfaces including bedding, mattresses, curtains, upholstered furniture, carpets and pet areas.

The Furniture & Bed Vac features a 400 Watt motor providing strong, powerful suction and a detachable hand vacuum with an on board nozzle and brush attachment for quick cleanups and hard to reach places.

Cleaning with UVC Light Provides Allergy Relief Many people are concerned about dust mites, germs, bacteria, and viruses lurking on surfaces throughout their homes, but most don't want to use dangerous chemicals to eliminate these microscopic hazards. Through rigorous research and development, Verilux has perfected a way to clean surfaces with safe, effective light that leaves no chemical residue.

It's better for you, your children, your home and the Earth. Verilux has three products in its Home Health Series -- the UVC Sanitizing Wand, Verilux UVC Sanitizing Sweeper, and UVC Sanitizing Travel Wand. All three utilize Verilux's exclusive CleanWave Technology.

What is UVC Light?

Ultraviolet light is a natural part of everyday sunlight, and it is an essential part of the light spectrum. UVC light is known as the germicidal bandwidth and is a proven antimicrobial agent used in a wide variety of purification and sanitization processes. Just outside the visible light spectrum, UVC light has been used safely in hospitals, clinics and laboratories for more than 60 years. UVC sanitizing light has been effectively used to sterilize surgical equipment, water and the air in operating rooms, and in germicidal lamps to disinfect various types of product containers in other industries. Verilux is proud to bring this proven technology into the home.

The Science of UVC Light -- How Does it Work?

Ultraviolet rays with wavelengths shorter than 300 nm are extremely effective in killing bacteria and viruses. Short-wave ultraviolet light (UVC) works by destroying DNA of microorganisms like bacteria, mold, viruses, and dust mites. These compounds break down with exposed to high-intensity UV at 240 to 290 nm. UVC's effectiveness is directly related to the intensity and exposure time. UV rays must strike the contaminants directly in order to penetrate the microorganism and break down its molecular bonds. This bond breakage translates into cellular or genetic damage, rendering the germs harmless by robbing them of their ability to reproduce.

Spring Cleaning without the Chemicals

According to Verilux, your home may contain more deadly chemicals than most laboratories did just over 50 years ago. Many of the contents of common cleaners in your home have been found to be extremely hazardous to the health of children and adults. The all-purpose cleaners you use to clean counters and floors can contain the following chemicals:

Ammonia: Known to cause kidney and liver damage

Butyl cellusolve: Neurotoxin that rapidly penetrates the skin

Ortho phenyl phenol: Severe eye and skin irritant

Diethanolamine (DEA) and Triethanolamine (TEA): Reacts with nitrates in other cleansers to develop carcinogenic nitrosamines

Coal tar: Known carcinogen often used to color or tint products

Paraben: Hormone-disrupting chemical; used as a preservative

And when you spray air fresheners around your home, they often contain:

Formaldehyde: Highly toxic, known carcinogen

Ethoxylated nonyl phenol: Skin contact can cause swelling, burning, peeling, circulatory collapse, coma or death

Naphthalene: Suspected carcinogen

Xylene: Neurotoxin

Butane gas: Used as a propellant; neurotoxin

Paradichlorobenzene: Carcinogen often present in solid deodorizers

If you want to minimize your family's exposure to these types of chemicals, switch to the chemical-free way to sanitize your home with Verilux's clean powerful UVC light.


Body Length: 13" Long

Body Width: 5.25"

Weight: 5.0 lbs

UV-C Bulb: 8 Watt UV-C bulb (replace with Verilux Model Number VH07RB1 only)

UV-C Peak Wavelength: 254 nanometers

Input Power: AC 120V, 60Hz 400 Watts


What about adults? Can you tell me where these results are from? I would like to see what they were. Is this just a black light on a vacuum or does it use some kind of special black light?

Yes! The Verilux CleanWave Sanitizing Furniture & Bed Vac WILL eliminate bed bugs in 3 to 5 sessions. First there is a powerful suction to suck them up - then it has a UV-C light - the germicidal light - to zap away any babys that may be there. So you pick up the live bugs then kill the babies - sounds like a great system doesn't it? This product has been tested specifically for bed bugs, dust mites and all sorts of bacteria and viruses. It does it by zapping their DNA membranes - killing them instantly.
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