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ButtKicker 2 and Amplifier Bundle
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ButtKicker 2 and Amplifier Bundle

Item code: inv BK2BUNDLE
Price: $579.95

Safe, Easy, and Secure
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Combine the ButtKicker2 with this new Audio Amplifier for the ultimate sound experience at a great price!

This new amplifier, which was specially developed for the ButtKicker2, is able to drive up to two ButtKicker2 shakers. With one Buttkicker2 connected, the amplifier is rated for 1100-watts (a 4-ohm load). With two ButtKicker2 shakers connected in parallel, the amplifier outputs an amazing 2100 watts (a 2-ohm load).

The amplifier now includes different two inputs depending on your usage. A High-Level balanced input for professional mixing consoles and other equipment with nominal signal levels of 1.25 volts. For typical home theater use, a Line-Level RCA input connects to consumer home theater surround processor or stereo preamp with nominal signal levels of 160 mVolts. Previously, a small amplifier was needed to boost the signal from most home theater processors, but with this new amplifier's design, that requirement has been eliminated.

Low Cutoff Switch - cuts off frequencies below 25Hz (ideal for musicians)

High Cutoff Switch with Frequency Control -allows you to select the point where the amplifier filters out frequencies (adjustable from 40 to 160Hz)

Volume Control - Allows you to set the amount of vibration

Low-Power Standby - saves energy by switching to a low-power mode if no sound is detected after 20minutes

Multi-Country use - Operates on 95V to 132V or 195V to 253V. 50 or 60Hz for all voltages

Thermal and output protection circuits - protects the amplifier from damage if an unsafe condition exists

Convection cooling - you won't be distracted by a noisy fan during quiet moments in the movie.

Bundle includes 1 Shaker and 1 Amplifier.
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