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Canine Cooler® Dog Beds
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Canine Cooler® Dog Beds

Item code: ss 1824D
Price: $69.95

Safe, Easy, and Secure
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Small size is 18"x24"

Large & Small Dog Beds

With the new Chillow Canine Cooler® Brand Thermoregulating Pet Bed, your dog can have ultimate comfort in the form of the coolest and the softest spot in the house!! Dogs love its soft, cool, and dry sensation!

This is a most comfortable, most innovative, and most extraordinary dog product. SoothSoft™ Comfort Technology creates a dry, room temperature cooling effect, together with an unparalleled supportive element due to the nature of its fluid-based design. Yet it’s more than simply a dog bed-it’s a canine comfort device. The Canine Cooler® pad is ongoing healthy therapy for the animal. It is superb at comforting dogs with bad joints, bad hips, skin disorders, or other health conditions in which a soft, cooling effect would be desirable. The bed is maintenance- free and easily wiped clean. Fleas cannot burrow or lay eggs in this bed. The bed has a two year warranty, which is not offered with any other foam/fabric type bed. Proudly made in America at an ISO 9001 facility.

FAQ's: How do I make it the coolest it can be for my dog? There are a few different things you can do (always keep the product out of sunlight!). First, taking the time to properly fill and seal the device will ensure it has the best ability to dissipate heat. Secondly, placing it on a cold floor, near a fan, or in a room with air conditioning will add even more cooling ability to your dog's cooler. Also, SoothSoft™ Comfort Technology was designed to work at room temperature. So the cooler the room, the more cooling capacity the device will have. If there is an area in your house that is cooler than others, and does not get as much sunlight, or is near a source of ventilation, place the bed there for the maximum cooling effect. However, please understand that this products delivers a great cooling effect anywhere in the home as long as it is not in direct sunlight.

How do I make this the most supportive and comfortable for my dog?

Filling and sealing the bed properly assures the greatest level of support and comfort. This product uses new SoothSoft™ Comfort Technology, a unique way of providing thermoregulation and different types of bodily support. When filled properly, this bed should have a "vacuum packed" appearance (see photos on product page). There should be no water motion. Try to follow filling instructions carefully. After 2 weeks of use, remove more air. If you are still unable to get a good vacuum packed appearance, remove several ounces of water and try again.

Is it easy to clean? This is the easiest bed to clean on the market. Simply wash with warm water and a light dish soap, rinse clean and wipe dry. The Canine Cooler® does not absorb odors like conventional beds.

What about chewing? This product is not suggested for use with dogs who are under one year and/or are prone to chewing.

Can I use it outside? YES, but do not use in direct sunlight. This will warm the bed and may discolor it. Use in "deep shade" under a covered porch, underneath an overhang, in the garage on the cement out of the sunlight's range, or under a large, shady tree. If it feels cooler to your touch than the surrounding air, then it is working correctly. It does not have to be cold to work it just has to be cooler than the dog, and following the laws of thermodynamics, the dog will lose heat to it. This product will always absorb and dissipate heat better than anything else your dog may choose to lie on. If you leave the bed outside, and in the deep night/early a.m. hours the temperature gets down to 50-75 degrees, this will give the Canine Cooler® a nice, full "charge" and allow it to offer super cool comfort for your dog.

Can I cover it? Absolutely. Covers are now available in several colors to match any room. See the Covers page for more info.

What do I do in the winter? Many dogs are still too warm in the winter. If your dog lies on a tile, cement, vinyl or other hard surface, they are probably too hot. If your dog seeks warmth in the winter, the Canine Cooler® can still be used. Covering it with a thick cloth or blanket will block the cooling effect and allow your dog to still enjoy the premium support and enhanced comfort that is unique to SoothSoft™ Comfort Technology. Also watch for insulated winter covers and heating devices to be available soon which will allow your dog to sleep on a warm bed during the winter. It's a wonderful sensation! Lastly, the device can be drained and inflated slightly. This method does not provide the liquid type comfort, yet can provide excellent insulation against very cold floors. The Canine Cooler® may be stored full or empty, the cap may be left open or closed when empty.

DO NOT FORCE YOUR DOG ON IT Most dogs will find the cool spot in the house. Simply place the bed where you would like your dog to sleep/lounge, and shortly you should find them taking to it. This is a great way to keep your dog out from underfoot since the coolest spot in the house is no longer your kitchen or bathroom floor. Make sure the product is cooled to room temperature before you give it to your dog. It will be ready when it feels cool or cold to the touch. If your dog does not begin using the bed in several days, there are a few options. First, place a shirt or some other piece of your clothing on the bed so the dog will be comforted by your scent. For timid dogs, try covering the bed with a thin sheet or cloth. At this point, you may wish to gently coax your dog onto it while you sit with them. Briefly sit beside the bed when doing this, and not on it with the dog. Placing a few treats on and around the bed will get the your dog on and around the bed and help them get used to the new cooling and cushioning sensation.

USING FOR TRAVELING. The bed will provide a substantial cooling effect while traveling. It will not keep your dog cool in a parked car. While you travel, an open window or light air conditioning will greatly help the device dissipate heat. If you travel with it frequently, it may be most convenient to purchase another unit which can be filled with less water for easy handling. For short trips and around town, a much smaller amount of water will have enough cooling power to aid your dog.
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