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Chillow Plus Deluxe Cold Pillow
Chillow Plus Deluxe Cold PillowChillow Plus Deluxe Cold Pillow
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Chillow Plus Deluxe Cold Pillow

Item code: ss-chillowplus
Price: $47.95
Extra Cooling On The Top and Bottom

No Electricty Needed. Just Add Tap Water
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Out of Stock
Great News for you and for Chillow Fans- Introducing the Chillow Plus!

The Chillow Plus is not designed as a replacement but as a new addition to our range. The Chillow Plus uses the same Soothsoft Technology as the original Chillow but offers more features and benefits listed below.

Deluxe Chillow PLUS - How Is It Different

The Plus is the same size as our Original Chillow but with 2 sided cooling that provides extra cooling.

The Chillow PLUS features velcro and rubber grip that can be used to help keep the Chillow Plus in place on the pillow.

With this Plus pillow you can put your hands under the Chillow to allow for relief to hands, wrists and head areas.

Dimensions: 52 x 34 x 2cm

New Hydro-Soothe membrane backside allows double sided cooling

New improved inner core

Improved heat dissipation

New design / color>

Includes stick on rubber feet and Velcro fixings

Chillow® helps you keep cool throughout the day and night and can be used with your existing pillow to help you get a better quality of sleep. Gone are the nights of searching for the ‘cool spot', Chillow keeps you cool where ever and when ever you need it.

The Chillow® is a well made, high-quality product, which has a number of unique design features:

Medical grade materials provide safety and durability.

Cloth flocking on the back keeps Chillow in place on your pillow or furniture.

Vacuum seal keeps hot air out and the patented core functioning at its coolest.

Soft, comfortable, flexible surface wipes clean and is allergy free.

Does not need refrigeration

Once activated the Chillow® will keep on working without the need to activate again.
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Chillow Plus Deluxe Cold Pillow