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Home Dehumidifiers and Humidifiers

Dual Mist Humidifier with Filter SU-4010
Take a breath of cool air and get to sleep quick with our Sunpentown Ultrasonic Humidifier with dual mist technology, item SU-4010G. This high tech humidifier can make a warm and cool mist, to fit your needs. The fine mist is forced out through a dual nozzle that provides two directional misting and a generous coverage area. The nozzles easily rotate to give you a the ability to turn the mist where...
Price: $75.50
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Dehumidify Your Home or Office

Breathing problems, especially among sleeping children, can often be held to a minimum simply by adding a humidifier. Whether it's air conditioning or heating devices that bring on those problems, they can be largely overcome. One popular kids humidifier is designed as a blue dolphin. This friendly looking animal helps persuade small children that any noises made by the humidifier are meant to protect them. Most importantly is the fact that the dolphin humidifier promotes the ideal conditions for easier breathing. The latest in ultrasonic technology ensures the device will work as promised.

The dolphin humidifier works very quietly, comes with overflow protection and is equipped with automatic shut-off that has no alarm. This adorably designed humidifier is made for use in rooms up to 450 square feet.

Using a dual mist humidifier is an excellent way to overcome the uncomfortable feeling of a dry throat, clogged nose and itchy skin. An ultrasonic mist humidifier, complete with a filter, balances the moisture in the air to a level that makes it easier to sleep. Whether you need warmer or cooler mist, the dual mist humidifier will help keep sleep interruption to a minimum.

A room humidifier is a wise investment. It provides the moisture needed to overcome the often unhealthy effects created when houses are shut tight and heaters combat winter's chill. For people with inherent sinus problems, winter's dry air can only mean an ongoing battle to breath freely. An inexpensive room humidifier will efficiently make breathing much less of a chore.

There is another side to how much humidity in a house is safe or healthful. That situation is easily resolved by installing a dehumidifier. These devices work to eliminate the damp and slimy feeling that sometimes occurs in basement or other rooms. It is an acknowledged fact that too much humidity in a room--above 50 percent--contributes heavily to various health issues. This includes attracting dust mites, while encouraging mold and mildew. The too frequent health problems created by these intruders include allergy flare-ups and asthma. Rely on a dehumidifier to help keep humidity under control.

Planning ways to make your living or working quarters more enjoyable should include checking the overall humidity levels. Let the A Trendy experts help make sure you realize the appropriate amounts. You and your family's healthy living are our concern. We offer the products designed to help.

Approximate size of dehumidifier needed:
200 sq. ft. - 25 pint
480 sq. ft. - 40 pint
550 sq. ft. - 60 pint

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