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Dog House Air Conditioner and Heater Also For Small Enclosures

Air Conditioner For Cabin, Garage, Job Site, Trailer, or RV CR8000
Price: $479.00
RV, Tent or Trailer Air Conditioner With Heater CR5000
Price: $549.00
Small Dog House Air Conditioner and Heater CR2500
Price: $499.00
How do you keep fido cool in the summer? What do you want to cool and heat? Pets, Teardrop Camper, RV, Cabin, Tents Truck Sleeper, Sheds, Small Room, Garage or House?

Small portable air conditioner for outdoor and indoor use. This amazing air conditioner and heating units keep your petcool or other small enclosure cool and warm.

Several different models to choose from. Some offer just cooling and other offer cooling and heat.

CR2500 - Cool and Heater, 2500 BTU Air and 2700 BTU Heater

CR5000 - Cool and Heater, 5000 BTU Air and 4300 BTU Heater

CR8000 - Air Only(No Heater), 8200 BTU Air

Popularly used as a dog house air conditioner that works to cool and heat your pet. However this unit is not only for a dog house, this climate control unit is also effective to heat and cool a Shed, Garage, Trailer, RV, pet house or use for other outdoor air and heating applications.

This quality air conditioner heater is unique, powerful and built to last.

Featured on the ABC TV Show, Good Morning America (GMA)

These small air conditioners are made for special applications such as a dog house, pet house, shed, garage, small room, tent, RV, Trailer and other small outdoor enclosures.

•Dogs can suffer and even die from over heating during the blistering hot summer months.

•Dogs keep cool in an air conditioned dog house and Likewise, stay warm during the winter (yes, this is an air conditioner and heaterin one).

•Sleep well knowing that your dog will be cool in the summer heat and warm in the winter cold.

These units can be placed outside, or mounted to your outdoor enclosure.

Both for the air and heating units can be operated using a generators, making them the perfect solution for outdoor cooling.

dog house air conditioner

What is Climate Right™? The Climate Right is a portable, energy efficient, outdoor and indoor small space air conditioner and heater. See our Sales Sheet.

What's In The Box?

You will receive the air/heat unit, a kit which consists of 2 hoses, 1 hole saw, 2 couplers, 4 clamps, 1 mesh filer for return hose, and 8 screws (optimal for dog and cat house cut out and assembly). Instructions, and Warranty information

What Spaces Does This Heater / AC Combo Work In? Virtually any smaller space from 8 cubic feet (2’x2’x2’) up to 729 cubic feet (9’x9’x9’). The ideal area for best performance & efficiency is approx. 320 to 400 cubic feet (approx. 7'x7'x7').

Why is CR better for smaller spaces? This heater and a/c unit runs with a smaller compressor which makes sure that it is not an “overkill” using too much cool or hot air. It uses a minimal amount of energy, which can be as low as $10 per month.

Is Climate Right Certified? Yes. The unit is CE certified and meets all regulatory guidelines and standards.

What Is The Warranty and Return Policy? One year Limited Warranty. For returns for buyer remorse, or incorrectly ordered items, a 30% restocking fee, plus shipping will apply.

Where can Climate Right be used? Dog house, cat houses, tents, attics, small work spaces like job site trailers, garden sheds, garage work areas, tear drop trailers, boat cabins, temporary outdoor small military installations, toll booths, parking attendant houses, to name a few.

Besides heating and cooling, does Climate Right improve air quality? Yes. This air conditioner and heater dehumidifies and cleans the air naturally. Filtration devices provide active control of air quality and help to eliminate airborne contaminants.

Is There A Thermostat & How Does It Work? Yes, simply set the digital control to the desired temperature and humidity. The unit also has automatic settings and advanced features and controls.

How Does This Dog House Air Conditioner and Heater Work? Two ports are located on the front of the unit. 1 port draws air into the inside of the unit where it is either heated or cooled. The air is forced by fan back out the 2nd port into the structure to be climate controlled. No heating elements or cooling elements (evaporator) are exposed to the outside. Both elements are contained within sealed cases located on the inside of the unit. This unit is not set up like a space heater and in no way should pose any sort of fire hazard if tipped over.

Troubleshooting? See Instruction Manual.

How long should my heater and air conditioner last? Rated for NEMA R-12 insulated enclosure. It should last under normal conditions and use for up to ten years.

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