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eLight Solar LED Lamp
eLight Solar LED LampeLight Solar LED LampeLight Solar LED LampeLight Solar LED LampeLight Solar LED LampeLight Solar LED Lamp
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eLight Solar LED Lamp

Item code: hs-Envirolight
Price: $89.99

eLight - Desk Lamp & Phone Charger In One!

Solar LED Lamp, Cellphone Charger ,USB and A/C Charging

Safe, Easy, and Secure
In Stock
No Sun, No Problem! Great For Dorm, Kids Room, Home, Office & More!

eLight Solar LED Lamp and Cellphone Charger with USB and A/C Charging and Popular Electronics Adaptors

Colors: Chrome or Graphite (choose above)

UL Appr, Removable solar panel

The eLight is a multipurpose device that combines a sleek LED task lamp with a convenient, patented, pop-out portable solar battery charger.

This unique LED lamp is further enhanced with an additional charging station in the base. Stay powered up at your desk by plugging your electronic device directly into the lamp base or pop out the solar battery charger for on the go charging.

Charge your favorite electronics, anywhere, anytime!

Charge Cell Phones, USB Devices & More

The portable solar battery charger can be fueled up 3 ways:  Plug into the sun  Plug into an AC wall outlet  Plug into a USB

eLights built-in lamp base charger and pop out 1100mAH portable solar charger is compatible with Apple iPod (4G, Photo, Video, Mini, Nano, and Shuffle) Media Players, Apple iPhone, Smartphones, PDAs, Digital Cameras, Cell Phones, MP3 Players, Handheld Games, and other 5V devices capable of being charged via a USB port.

eLight's solar panels charge 3 AA internal rechargeable batteries via solar in 8 hours, AC outlet in 3 hours, and USB in 3 hours.

Package contains:  Sleek, contemporary LED Task Lamp  Patented Pop-out Portable Solar Battery Charger  USB Cable  AC Adaptor  Six Electronic tips are compatible with most popular handheld devices  3 AA Rechargeable Batteries (pda device shown not included)

HomeSelects International Releases eLIGHT with Power2go Solar Charger

Product provides sustainable, all-in-one lighting and charging solution

MURRIETA, Calif. – HomeSelects International, an environmentally friendly, energysaving lighting design and development company, has announced the launch of its latest innovative product, the eLIGHT. The product, which is an LED lamp with a power charging station and portable solar electronics charger, provides users with an all-in-one solution for charging their smart phones, iPods, iPhones, digital cameras and other electronic devices. It also has the option of connecting to the USB port of a personal computer, which eliminates yet another power cord.

"The eLIGHT is packed with technology that makes it an all-in-one solution for any home or office," said Terry Oster, president of HomeSelects International. "By simply having your lamp plugged in, you're also charging your completely mobile charger that can be taken anywhere. It's a great way to truly go green." As soon as the eLight is connected to a power source, it begins charging the power2go battery reserve.

Within a few hours, the power2go is ready to be removed and can be taken anywhere, providing up to six hours of charging capability. The power2go even has its own solar charger, making it perfect for the outdoors, travel, camping and more. In addition, the eLIGHT's bright, long-life LED lamp provides a green solution to any home or business, and is great for a variety of rooms or workspaces. Its power2go charger uses rechargeable batteries that can be easily replaced once the batteries reach the end of their lifecycle. No other solar charger on the market today offers this level of simple sustainability.

"Even if there is no sun, the power2go is still incredibly useful, as it contains its own backup battery reserve," said Oster. "No matter where you are, it provides a handy solution to charging your mobile devices when you're on the go."
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