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Folding Grocery Cart | Portable Shopping Cart — Trendy Carts

Trendy Cart Deluxe Small Wire Grocery Cart Wth Liner
Carry Your Items With Ease, With Or Without The Bag! Our new wire shopping cart from A Trendy Home is perfect for those quick shopping or grocery trips across town. This product is compact and lighter than large traditional wire shopping carts, yet there is plenty of room to hold your groceries, and other goods. The strong metal wire frame along with our durable deluxe liner will help insulate, p...
Price: $46.99
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Folding Grocery Cart From Trendy Carts
Price: $29.99
Trendy Cart Deluxe Small Wire Grocery Cart Wth Liner
Price: $46.99
Case of Six Roadrunner Folding Grocery Shopping Carts
Price: $59.99

Folding Shopping Carts

Move about the town with ease and help save the environment with a personal grocery shopping cart from A Trendy Home. You won't find these quality folding grocery carts at Target or Walmart. These can only be purchased at select retailers.

Our selection of carts include: our folding metal shopping cart, folding shopping grocery cart in different configurations such as standard 2 wheel, stair climber 3 wheel and our newest wire cart with a deluxe liner that is compact and perfect for narrow places such as on a bus, train or subway.

Learn more about our: Trendy Carts - Folding Grocery Cart, Shopping Cart, Utility Cart, Stair Climber 3 Wheel Cart, Wire Grocery Cart

Shop without using plastic grocery bags and help to save the environment. You won't have to worry about dropping your purchases when you take this deluxe folding grocery cart on your shopping and grocery trips.

Sturdy tubular steel frame and new thicker and stronger wheels can carry 100 pounds of gifts, groceries, books, and picnic, beach and sporting supplies.

Folding Grocery Cart Reviews From A Happy Customer:

I just wanted to say thank you for my Trendy Cart. It has been an absolute lifesaver. My husband is handicapped and that leaves me to carry in all the groceries, etc. I am a senior myself, and lugging groceries up the stairs was really hard on me. I went on the Internet and found the Trendy Cart. It is truly amazing. I just load my groceries into the cart and up the stairs with no strain on me. The other day I went to Sam's club and had all these packages of toilet paper, paper towels, etc and took the cloth holder off and made the Trendy Cart into a dolly. I have showed the Trendy Cart to all my neighbors. Thank you so much for such a lifesaver.

Jean Hyatt Summerton, SC

We are confident that you will agree that our super cool shopping carts and folding grocery carts, are right on target to meet your folding cart needs. Be sure to checkout the trendy, folding grocery cart with swivel wheels, which is great for getting up curbs and stairs.

If a traditional wire basket grocery cart is what you need, also checkout our metal folding grocery cart which is extra sturdy, yet compact.

Order one for yourself and another for a friend, neighbor or family member today!

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