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Gable Attic Fan Ventilator GV-405-2B
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Gable Attic Fan Ventilator GV-405-2B

Item code: tpi-GV-405-2B
Price: $67.65
Optional Damper: 

Safe, Easy, and Secure
In Stock
Gable Fan Helps Cool Your Attic. Unlinke a whole house fans that such cool outside air through your windows and out of your attic, gable fans remove hot air from the attic space and replacing it with cooler air from outside. A gable fan is cost effective method of venting hot air from your attic.

Optional #AGD-1416B Alum Damper for GV-405-2 available (choose above)

Gable Fan Diameter = 15” diameter x 6” depth

Air Delivery (CFM) = 1,300

Volts = 120v motor / 1 phase motor

Fire link protected to minimize chance of overheating

Automatic adjustable thermostat with 4 mounting tabs

UL listed

GV-405-2B Gable Fan By TPI Corp
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