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Ghost Whole House Fan HV3400
Ghost Whole House Fan HV3400Ghost Whole House Fan HV3400Ghost Whole House Fan HV3400
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Ghost Whole House Fan HV3400

Item code: tam-HV3400
Price: $1,461.00
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A Powerful 2 Speed 3400 CFM High and 1900 CFM Low Fan
The Ghost Fan Is Made For Homes That Are At Leat 2,000 square feet
Optional Accessories
Tamarack Whole House Fan Timer
Price: $38.00

Safe, Easy, and Secure
In Stock
Put a ghost in your attic with the quiet and powerful Tamarack Technologies Ghost Whole House Fan HV3400 from A Trendy Home.

A whole house fan is a great product for pushing hot air out of your attic while pulling in cool, outside air. The whole idea is to reduce air conditioning usage and to bring in cool, fresh outside air into your home.

Ghost Whole House Fan:
  • Installs between 16" or 24" on center rafters
  • Energy Efficient
  • Easy Installation - Simply Plug In To Attic Outlet!
  • No Maintenance
  • Remote Control
  • Mechanically
  • R-38 Sealed Damper Doors Provides A Tight Seal
  • 3400 CFM High
  • 1900 CFM Low
  • 6’ Line Cord

Ghost Whole House Fan lowers the temperature by pulling cool outside air in through the windows, while pushing hot stale air up and out through existing attic vents.

The Ghost Fan is a high quality, two speed whole house fan, with a RF remote and interior ceiling grille.

Where to locate the Ghost Fan?

The Tamarack Ghost Fan installs in the attic ideally in a central area such as a central hallway or at the top of the stairs. This will allow for the best airflow.

Check for any pipes, wires, rafters or HVAC ducts in the attic that might run above the space where you want to install your fan.

Make sure that you have a minimum of nine sq. ft. of attic venting for this fan model.

Engineered roofing systems must fit within the truss layout.

This Ghost fan uses a two speed motor and cannot be used with a variable speed controller switch.

Two feet of clearance above the Ghost fan is suggested for ideal operation.

**Before ordering, check to verify that the Ghost fan will fit into your attic access. You will need a mininum of 26.5" x 14.5" (W) to fit the Ghost through the attic access.

Tool and Items Needed For Installation:

2 pieces of 2x stock to match your existing framing, a saw to cut the hole in the ceiling, a hammer or screw gun to attach the blocking to the existing joists, a Phillips head screw driver to attach the grille, weather strip material and low expansion spray foam sealant (see full instructions for additional information)
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