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Heaters, Air Conditioners, Fans

Ceramic Tower Heater Ionizer SH-1508
The Sunpentown SH-1508 Ceramic Heater with Ionizer is compact yet provide warmth where you want it most. Using a ceramic heating technology, this quality heater from Sunpentown provides warmth and the safety of a low surface temperature. 120 degree oscillation spread the heat coverage to gradually heat your whole room. Built-in Ionizer automatically functions when unit is turned on. The heater ...
Price: $69.95
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Whole House Fans
Heaters | Room, Space, Wall, Portable + Utility
TPI Fans, Soler Palau, Suncourt Fan
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Portable Cooler and Swamp Cooler Evaporative Cooling
Dog House Air Conditioner and Heater Also For Small Enclosures
Misting Fan –Outdoor misting fan
Heaters, Air Conditioners & Fans and Ventilation

Electric Space Heaters- are popular for heating small rooms and spaces. They are energy efficient and portable so they can easily be moved from room to room to meet your heating needs. Portable heaters are very safe and work well in the bedroom, den, office or living rooms.

Portable Air Conditioners- use a compressor and blower fan to generate cool air. They are portable, cost effective and work great for cooling small rooms, offices, bedrooms and computer rooms.

Whole House Fans- are a type of fan, or exhaust system commonly use in a home. They are typically installed in the attic and are quite effective in cutting air conditioner usage in the evening and morning hours. These fans are designed to pull cool air in thru opened windows and then push the hot stale air out of the homes attic vents creating a breeze of fresh cool air.

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