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Heaters | Room, Space, Wall, Portable + Utility

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Price: $314.60
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TPI Industrial Fan Forced Portable Heater HF686TC
Price: $259.05
Outdoor Stainless Steel Electric Infrared Heater
Price: $113.30
Garage Wall Heater PH-12A
Price: $109.99
Reusable Hand Warmer Recharges Via USB Port
Price: $39.50
Heat Storm HS-1300 Outdoor Infrared Heater
Price: $249.00
Electric Garage Heater Soleus HI1-50-03
Price: $145.95
Utility Fan Forced Heater
Price: $140.25
Pump House Utility Room Heater
Price: $113.30
TPI Bed Bug Heater Treatment: Learn How to get rid of bedbugs fast

Ceramic Space Heaters - Room Heaters - Commercial Heaters, TPI Heaters - Heating Panels

The first winter blast isn't that far off. Don't let yourself be caught unprepared. Make ready for the cold by latching onto the heater best suited to meet your needs.

Check out what A Trendy Home has to offer. You can find any number of space heaters that are engineered to provide exactly the amount of heat you will need to overcome the chill.

There are ceramic space heaters on the market that not only warm a space--office, den, job site or garage--they do it in an ultra-safe way. The ceramic shell covering the heater does not transmit any of the heat generated by the flame or coil. These space heaters are safe to touch, which is particularly noteworthy if children will be in the area.

Heaters are made for specific reasons. Portable heaters, for example, are designed to be moved from place to place, as needed. Some come with timers that turn them on or off as programmed. Many also have the ceramic construction that provides valuable safety features. A good portable heater can be used as a shop heater. Some models are equipped with thermostats that control the heat output. It only takes a little research to understand how much heat the portable unit emits. Armed with that information will make it easier to shop around for what best meets your needs.

A good room heater can be virtually any of the space heater models. Some come with humidifiers that prevent the generated heat from making the air too dry. Another heater type, the utility heater, is of necessity constructed with heavy duty action in mind. In addition to being made of strong gauge steel, a powerful utility heater's motor is completely encased and forever lubricated. The utility heater is also equipped with industrial rated thermal overload protection. It's required to have easy access to all controls and wiring. That's to make sure the unit operates as demanded by federal and local regulations.

We're here to satisfy your quest for safe, dependable heating units. That's our stated goal. We began providing customers with a variety of useful items designed to make life easier to control in 2002. Since that time we have greatly expanded our product lines, while maintaining warm relations with our suppliers. And we do this by selling to our customers at the lowest possible prices.

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