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Mail Chime Alert That Installs On Your Mailbox
Mail Chime Alert That Installs On Your MailboxMail Chime Alert That Installs On Your Mailbox
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Mail Chime Alert That Installs On Your Mailbox

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Receive An Alert Chime When the Mail Arrives In Your Mailbox. Our Mail Chime, mailbox alert device sends an alert to the wireless receiver when your mail arrives. Take the guess work out of your mail delivery and eliminate the long walk to the mailbox that is located at the end of your driveway. Our mail chime alert device can help to simplify your life, get yours today from A Trendy Home.

Wireless Device Works on all types of mailboxes. The New 1200, mail chime model has a powerful 450-foot range. Easy to install.

How Does It Work?

When the mail carrier puts your mail in the mailbox the Mail Chime beeps 4 times. A red LED light will display on the sensor to let your know that your mail has arrived.

Works up to 450 feet under ideal conditions. FCC approved. Works on all three basic types of mailboxes. *NOT for use on mailboxes with vertical hinges or mailboxes such as a Victorian style swing-in slot mail box. The mail chime may not have sufficient reception when used inside homes with metal siding or if using a really heavy and thick metal mailbox.

When the weather's poor, making that trek out to the mailbox can be an undesirable chore. And since delivery schedules can be unpredictable, all too often you may find yourself peeking through that mail slot several times a day. But with the Mail Chime, Mail Alert you'll always know instantly when the mail has been delivered.

Whether you have a mail slot, a curbside box or a wall-mounted mailbox, the Mail Chime will ring as soon as the mail arrives, even if your home is 450 feet away from your mailbox!

mail chime

Simply mount the sensor on your mailbox door using the included double-face tape and plug the receiver into an electrical outlet anywhere in your home. When the mailbox door is opened, the battery-powered sensor (battery included) sends a wireless signal to the Mail Chime, which will announce the mail's delivery with a red LED light and four beeps.

Just press the reset button after retrieving your mail to set the Mail Chime up for the next day's delivery.

Dimensions: Sensor: 4 1/4" x 1 1/2" x 1"; receiver: 4 1/4" x 3 1/4" x 1"

Range: 450 feet maximum range.

Compliance: FCC approved


Mail Chime Receiver
Sensor with 12-volt A23 battery installed
AC adapter
Double-faced tape

Click Here To Read Mailbox Alarm Instruction Manual
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