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Massager With Heat Uses 4 jade stones
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Massager With Heat Uses 4 jade stones

Item code: oci PL010
Price: $105.99
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Ultimate Jade Massager with heat

Shiatsu massager with jade mechanism. Four pairs of jade stones. Infra-red heating feature. Shiatsu massage, kneading massage. Automated programs, speed selection.

Essential minerals for your body while you massage! Best for your back and neck!

Prosepra’s Ultimate Jade Massager brings the powerful combination of jade and heat to your massage. Wonderful for home or office, the Personal Jade Massager can be used on your neck, shoulders, back, thighs, calves and more. Jade is rich in calcium, magnesium and iron—essential minerals for your body.

Chinese medicine has long used jade for its healing powers. The kneading mechanism delivers rotating and spot shiatsu massage directly to your muscle tension spots — for instant relief.

The gentle heat helps loosens tight muscles by encouraging blood flow. You can use automated heating massage program to ease your neck and back pain. Speed and intensity are adjustable.

4 jade stones deliver essential minerals

Relieve neck, shoulder and back pain
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