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Mens Wallet Back Saver
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Mens Wallet Back Saver

Item code: core 4800
Price: $27.95

Safe, Easy, and Secure
In Stock
Because of its unique construction, the Back Saver Wallet will still hold all of your essentials, but be 50-60% smaller and always fold flat. It's easy to slip the Back Saver Wallet into a front pants pocket, shirt pocket, or carry in a jacket.

Two interior and two exterior compartments will carry up to 24 cards and the gold plated spring clip holds bills conveniently and securely without taking up space. This makes it easy to organize your cards and reduce wallet clutter.

The Back Saver Wallet is made from the highest quality full-grain leather, making it extremely strong and durable. Rather than wearing out, full-grain leather develops a natural patina, growing more beautiful over time.

Says Tom Lehman, Champion Pro Golfer, "I love these fine leather goods. The Back Saver Wallet from TPK is made from the highest grade leather and are useful and better by design."

Designed to be carried in the front pocket 50-60% smaller than a regular wallet Holds up to 24 cards in two interior and two exterior compatments Gold plated spring clip holds bills conveniently and securely

Available in black & brown
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