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TV Mirror Hidden Television
TV Mirror Hidden TelevisionTV Mirror Hidden TelevisionTV Mirror Hidden TelevisionTV Mirror Hidden Television
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TV Mirror Hidden Television

Item code: ub-CS-Eclipse-Series
Price: $1,405.99
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Our beautiful Eclipse Fully Vanishing Mirror features a TV that is built into a finely crafted mirror.

Yes, this is a deluxe TV that double as a mirror. Upgrade your home to the latest and greatest in trendy home products by installing a mirror television.

At A Trendy Home we offer custom sizes as well as our new framed Framed Mirror Tv models that hang on your wall like a picture frame tv.


•Vanishing Eclipse Mirror
•Extremely thin depth for surface mounting
•Completely hidden inactive LED HD TV
•Energy Star HD TV
•HD TV standard audio/video inputs & outputs
•Necessary mounting hardware
•1 Year manufacturer warranty

The Eclipse is a TV that allows the brilliant images and colors of our LCD/LED television to show through the mirror when turned on and fully vanishes when turned off. Yes, a TV that is a mirror all in one!

The 15" Mirror comes with a LCD TV and the 21" or 26" TV comes with a super sharp LED TV.

When turned off, the TV completely disappears leaving only the true mirror reflection. This mirror is not just a mirror, but it's a tv with mirror screen.

Easy to Install

Our products offer simple and straight forward installation procedures that are perfect for both new home construction and home remodeling projects, our mirror tv designs can save you money and make for a quick and simple installation.

Custom Mirror and TV Sizes Available - CALL FOR A QUOTE

Wow you guest with a mirror that has a television built in just like the ones found in high end hotels.

Install a mirror TV in your bathroom, bedroom, living room, den, salon, bar, restaurant or anywhere where you can hang a mirror.

Our Eclipse Mirrors utilizes our proprietary coating that is designed specifically for a Television Mirror.

Eclipse Mirror TV's provide the closest match in the industry to the brightness of an actual mirror.

The Eclipse Mirror Television incorporates our state of the art 1" thick LCD TV. The LCD TV has self contained speakers that generate exceptional sound quality and clarity.

Each mirror includes a LCD or LED HDTV in the screen size listed. Precision cut high grade aluminum backing, custom TV mounts, all mounting hardware, power cord and handheld remote. Includes manufacturer's warranty.

The 15" LCD is a 1" Ultra-thin LCD television with overall depth of under 1 ½” (surface mount installation, required no recessing).

The 21” LED TV has an overall depth that is less that 2” and a razor thin profile that allows it to be mounted on the surface and eliminates the requirement for recessing

Depth is measured from the back of the unit, it does not include the measurement of the glass and back metal.

Choose Your Size (use the drop down above to select model):

Model# CS-2436-15 24w” x 36h” mirror – with 15” LCD TV - $1405.99

Model# CS-3636-15 36w” x 36h” mirror – with 15” LCD TV - $1,605.99

Model# CS-4836-15 48w” x 36h” mirror – with 15” LCD TV - $ 1,655.99

Model# CS-5936-15 59w” x 36h” mirror – with 15” LCD TV - $ 1,755.99

Model# CR-2436-21 24w” x 36h” Mirror – with 21" LED HDTV - $ 1,680.99

Model# CR-3636-21 36w” x 36h” Mirror – with 21" LED HDTV - $ 1,730.99

Model# CR-4836-21 48w” x 36h” Mirror – with 21” LED HDTV - $ 1,795.99

Model# CR-5936-21 59w” x 36h” Mirror – with 21” LED HDTV - $ 1,855.99

Model# CR-3636-21 36w” x 36h” Mirror – with 26" LED HDTV - $ 1,930.99

Model# CR-4836-26 48w” x 36h” Mirror – with 26” LED HDTV - $ 2,030.99

Model# CR-5936-26 59w” x 36h” Mirror – with 26” LED HDTV - $ 2,155.99

Includes: Mirror, Television, mounting bracket, mounting hardware, and remote.

Contact your local electrician to install an outlet and tv jack in the wall where you intend on installing the unit.

Custom TV (up to 42") and mirror sizes (up to 96"x60" can also be created. The LCD/LED can be placed anywhere within 5" of the mirrors edge. The TVs are not framed, however framed tv/mirrors are available. Call us for a quote or custom request.

Hotels - Give Your Guests Something To Talk About...

Operation of a Mirror TV is easy for your guests and works just like any Television product. A hand held remote turns the television on and off and with a simple press of a button the TV appears and disappears. When the TV is off, only the mirror's perfectly clear reflection remains and the TV is completely undetectable.

Our Mirror Televisions come complete, ready for in-room Cable, DVD, VCR, PC and in-room hotel programming connections. Our units can also be modified to be IPT compatible. The televisions have inputs for Coaxial Cable, VGA, HDMI, and Component Cable.

A Mirror TV in your hotel bar is a unique way of combining technology and style and is sure to impress even the most seasoned traveler.

How do you set your hotel or resort property apart from the others?

It's easier and more affordable than you think. Our Mirror TV's are an easy upgrade that will truly impress your guests and give them something to talk about. Adding a Mirror TV to your guest bath allows your customers the convenience of watching the news, sports, weather or favorite program while going through their normal bathroom routine.

Custom Designs For Hospitality

Our custom manufacturer has the capability of producing mirrors up to 59"x96" with LCD/LED screens ranging in size from a discreet 7 inches up to an impressive 65 inches.

This product can be modified for any specific design requirement.

The TV actual dimensions may vary slightly, for example the 21" model will range in size from 21.6 and 23 inches.

Shipping charge includes handling and crating. You must choose the delivery type as residential or commercial. If you choose the incorrect delivery type, you will be charged accordingly upon delivery by the shipping company and it may cost more. If you're unsure which type of delivery is for you, please contact us prior to ordering.

Quantity discounts on orders of 5 units or more are also available. The mirror TV units are shipped wood crated, via ground freight.
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