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No More Scraping Snow and Ice From Your Windshield
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No More Scraping Snow and Ice From Your Windshield

Item code: metro no2sno-01
Price: $29.99
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No2Snow Eliminator - No More Scraping Ice Off Your Windshield!

The No2Snow Eliminator has a patented design that will eliminate scraping your windshield of snow, ice and frost. No more wasted time in dealing with the winter weather, because this revolutionary windshield cover will pay for itself just by reducing your stress level.

It works every time and has a one year warranty on material and construction. Why not save yourself the time and hassle by ordering one today?

For Best Results:

Place over the outside of the driver's side windshield before dawn.

On windy days place the No2Snow Eliminator under the windshield wiper blades and locate the strap between the vehicle frame and door.

REMOVE the No2Snow prior to operating the vehicle. (good idea) The no 2 snow measures 38x23x.1

Keep dry and rolled up when not in use.

If you need to remove the strap, align dots on snap and lift from side with dot.


When will I receive my No2Snow Eliminator? - You can expect your No2Snow to arrive in 7 to 10 business days from the time you placed your order.

What happens on a windy day? - The No2Snow is designed specifically to stay on your windshield regardless of the wind or weather conditions. However on days of wind gusts exceeding 30 mph it is best to use the following procedure. Slide the bottom of the No2Snow underneath your windshield wiper blades and place the strap between the vehicle frame and door before closing.

How does the No2Snow Eliminator work? - The No2Snow is placed over the outside of the windshield when you're NOT operating the vehicle. It then provides your windshield with a thermal blanket that protects it from winter elements like snow, ice and frost.

What material is the No2Snow Eliminator made of? - The No2Snow is a patented design that is made of a rugged 3/16" open cell neoprene that is lightweight, flexible, water resistant and convenient to use on all makes and models of vehicles.

How much of my windshield will the No2Snow Eliminator cover? - The No2Snow is designed to provide the maximum viewable windshield area coverage without being to large and cumbersome, so it is still convenient to use. How do you store the No2Snow Eliminator? - Start by rolling the No2Snow with the fabric side out and roll towards the side with the strap. Once you have it completely rolled up use the strap to secure it in place.

What does the 1 year limited warranty cover? - The 1 year limited warranty covers any material defects or workmanship that relates to the overall performance of the No2Snow Eliminator from the date of purchase. This limited warranty does not cover any defects or damage to the product or person arising from misuse of this product. This product is intended for use as a car cover and the manufacturer is not liable to any person for any damage resulting from the product or misuse, abuse or alteration of the product or for damages resulting from negligence of any user of the product.
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