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Velos Outdoor Mist Fan AMMF16R-1
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Velos Outdoor Mist Fan AMMF16R-1

Item code: am-AMMF16R-1
Price: $235.00
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Outdoor or Indoor Misting Fan 16 Inch By AuraMist AMMF16R-1

This 16” adjustable “dry mist” fan is an innovative new cooling system that works both indoors and out, making it perfect for dinner parties and patio entertaining as well as sunbathing and pool-side play.

Its patented Nanolet™ Technology creates a mist so fine, it’s virtually DRY.


Misting Fan AMMF16R Operating Tips

For dry climates, increasing the water flow will provide maximum cooling results. In humid climates, a reduced water flow is recommended.

Features Include:

- Dry Mist Nanolet™ Technology

- The only fan with adjustable mist on the market

- Uses 80% less water than any other misting fan

- 90 Degree oscillation

- Adjustable to 56” inches in height

- UV and rust resistant

- UL rated for indoor and outdoor use

- Immersion shock protection

Using a spray of cool fine water, the misting fan can reduces the temperature up to 30° F

The mist is so fine and DRY, your clothing, food, patio furniture, or patio/floors never get damp or wet.

auraMIST's patented pioneering technology breaks the water source down to microscopic levels, leaving no detectable moisture. And the non-clogging nozzles are trouble-free and eliminate the hassle of maintenance.

Using a unique mist volume control allows the user to adjust mist output to their own comfort level.

The 3 speed fan settings further the ability to adjust cooling preference. The 16" fan head oscillates 90°, providing wide area of cooling.

The fan is energy efficient and eco-friendly, using up to 80% less water than other misting fans and systems.

It is constructed from UV and rust resistant materials and certified for outdoor environments.

It connects to any standard garden hose or spigot.

auraMIST also offers a 1 year limited warranty.

IMPORTANT: BEFORE STARTING: �� Make sure the ball valve of the fan is placed in the OFF position (fig. 1).

�� Turn the mist control valve clockwise, until the valve is closed (fig. 2).

�� Connect the water hose connector to the garden hose (fig. 3).

�� Please keep the mist fan 12 feet away from your furniture and other electrical appliances (fig. 4). Misting ON/OFF control

Mist ON

1. Press the rocker switch to the ON position (fig. 5).

2. Turn the ball valve to the ON position (fig. 6).

3. Open the flow control valve until mist is visible, then refer to ADJUSTING MIST DENSITY section, to get an optimal mist performance (fig.7).

Mist OFF

1. Turn the ball valve to OFF position (fig.8).

2. To prevent the accumulation of mineral deposits, let the pump run for 2 minutes after closing the ball valve so the air pump can clear the remaining water from the nozzles.

3. Turn the pump switch to the OFF position when complete (fig.9).

Use for BBQ, parties, outdoor events, farmer markets, art shows, decks, fairs, flea markets, garages or anywhere you work and play.

Also available, the auraMIST 30" DRY misting fan.

Also perfect for use in areas such as:

- Warehouses

- Shops/Garages

- Outdoor Cafes

- Backyards

- Sports Teams

DRY Mist

Worlds Only Adjustable Mist Fan


This produce is warranted for one year from the date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship. At our discretion, parts that prove to be defective will either be repaired or replaced, or the whole product will be replaced. In either case copy of your proof of purchase will be required.

In case that any mechanical or electrical repairs are required during the warranty period send your complete product, postage or freight prepaid to the auraMIST service center near you. Call the number below to get the nearest service center.

This warranty does not include the air or water filters, which are expendable parts that can wear out from normal use within the warranty period. This warranty applies for only 90 days if this product is ever used for commercial or rental purposes.
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