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Pineapple Black Rumble Ear Woofer Bone Headphones
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Pineapple Black Rumble Ear Woofer Bone Headphones

Item code: oci PEHRUMBLEKW
Price: $85.99
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Why Still Use The Old Earphones/Headphones/Earbuds When Pineapple's Ultimate EarWoofers™ Deliver 4D-Motion-Sound™ Experience?

*The Power of BONE CONDUCTION Technology: The latest in the BONE CONDUCTION technology with built-in multi-function BONE CONDUCTION transducer. Twice as powerful and clarity of bass. Impeccable woofer feature is incomparable to any high end earphone on the market. Bone Conduction Technology utilizes vibration to transmit sound. Acoustic volume and dynamics without damaging ear-drums. 4D-Motion-Sound™ experience: Depth, Height, Width & FEEL. Enhance and Enrich bass rich multimedia: Hip-hop, Rock, Pop, Techno, Jazz, Action/Suspense Movies, Video/Computer Games, etc.

The true advantage of the Bone Conduction Technology comes from the transducers embedded in each in-ear earphone that transmit sound vibration through your bones rather than through the air. Since the vibrations have a ripple effect sound permeation throughout the inner-ear bones, it projects a dynamic surround sound experience rather than a condensed range of sound that is harmful to the sensitive ear. Currently, most in-ear headphones on the market do not utilize bone conduction transducers therefore it relies heavily on compressed sound monitors that project high-mid frequency sound waves. Scientific studies have found that extended use of generic headphones promote hearing loss and damage to the eardrums. Bone Conduction Technology is engineered and ergonomically designed to provide consumers with the finest experience without compromising health risks.

*Ultimate Gaming Experience: Experience every Bomb explosion, Gun shots, Car Crash, Uppercut Punch, Tiger Roar when you play your favorite games. Rumble Series EarWoofers are designed to response to the low/middle and bass sound to produce the vibration reaction. The BONE CONDUCTION Transducer converts electric signals into mechanical vibrations that are received by the bones in the skull which stimulates the auditory nerve which converts the vibrations to sound.

*4D-Motion-Sound Virtual Reality Feeling: Join the Virtual Reality Experience with the Rumble EarWoofers™. If you are a game player, you will be able to feel the virtual battle fields or racing tracks in your ear. If you are a movie lover, you can feel the virtual movie theater in your ear. If you are a strong beat sound music listener, you can feel the virtual night club in your ear.

*For the Bass Addicts: Not only the night club DJs can use the Bass boosted headphones. If you are a Bass Addict, you now can have a set of EarWoofers™ that will finally satisfy your Bass needs. Rumble EarWoofers provide twice more Bass sound than any other headphones.

*Less damage to your hearing: Unlike other existing headphones which shakes your ear-drums to produce the sound, the Rumble EarWoofers™ utilize the Bone Conduction Technology(Pineapple's Bone Conduction Transducer World-wide Patent) which delivers rich sound through your Bone resulting in less pressure to your ear-drums.

*Devices: You can use the Rumble EarWoofers™ with your computer PC games, iPhones, iPods, MP3 players, Laptops, CD Players, and portable media players. As soon as you plug in the EarWoofer™, you will be surrounded by powerful vibrating bass.

*10 Year Super Warranty: Pineapple guarantees the quality of its rich sound and Bass Woofer vibration by providing 10 year limited manufacturer warranty.

Rumble KW offers an innovative waterproof design that delivers multimedia mobility even underwater. The KW’s design is completed impermeable to water therefore it relies every pitch and tone from vibration waves from the conducers. Bone Conduction Technology is most radiantly portrayed through this model since sound is being transmitted completely through vibration and not by air. Silicon ear buds to the KW are uniquely designed with strategically mapped out holes that enhance sound transmittance under water.

*Specifications: -Impedence: 7 ohm -Frequncy Range: 50 Hz-20 Khz -3D Sound Support + 4D-Motion-Sound™ Sensational Feeling: Yes -Sound Pressure Level: 100±3 db -Sound Isolation & Noise Reduction: Yes -Water Proof: 100% Water Proof -Cord Length: 25.6 inch -Plug: 3.5 mm Gold Plated, Stereo Plug -Package Contents: Rumble KW EarWoofer™, Earbuds(S/M/L), Pouch, Extension Cord
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