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QuietCool Gable Attic Fan AFG ES-1500 DC Motor Lowest Energy Usage
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QuietCool Gable Attic Fan AFG ES-1500 DC Motor Lowest Energy Usage

Item code: QC-AFGES-1500
List Price: $365.00
Our Sale Price: $349.00
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Boasting an amazing 52 CFM/Watt rating this QuietCool AFG ES-1500 "Energy Savings" Gable Attic Fan 1,560 CFM in our new eco-friendly green color. Our Gable Attic Fan is so amazingly energy efficient that it runs on about 1/15 of the amount of electricity used by most attic fans.

NEW! AFG ES-1500 Includes Free Thermostat!

During the hottest part of the day your attic can heat up to 150 degrees. If you do not have adequate ventilation, damage to your roof can occur.

By using a QuietCool AFG ES-1500 gable attic fan you can vent the heat from the attic and also save money on your A/C bill.

Gable Fan

Use DC "Energy Saver Line Motor" 1,560 CFM FAN

Attic Gable Fan AFG ES-1500, afges1500

Motor Voltage - 120 V. AC, 60 Hz

Motor Amperage - .25 Amps

Power Consumption - 30 Watts

Motor Speed - 1,100 RPM

Air Flow @0.1" SP - 1560 CFM


Sound Level in Room N/A

Ceiling Rough Opening N/A

Intake Grill Outside Dimension N/A

Intake Grill Color - N/A

Shipping Weight - 18 lbs

Gable Fan Dimensions: The housing is 14-3/8" inside diameter, approximately 14-5/8" outside diameter.

Ship Carton Dimensions: 17" x 17" x 10"

Download AFG ES-1500 Gable Fan Instructions

"The natural choice for energy savings"

gable attic fan
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Gable Attic Fan FAQ:

Q: I live in a humid area where mold can be a problem and am thinking of adding a fan to keep air circulating - supplementing the current static ventilation.

Q:The attic fan must be very quiet because it would be mounted above the master bedroom. I also want it to turn on automatically every day during the summer. It seems the fan could either be put on a timer, or have a thermostat control to turn it on as the day warms - or, ideally, it would have a humidity sensor that would turn it on and off at a set humidity level.

A: If the gable attic fan is mounted in an attic where the ceiling below the attic is insulated, I doubt very much that you could hear it in your bedroom below.

A: The easiest way to control the attic fan is with a thermostat that A Trendy Home offers for sale. The thermostat is normally mounted in the attic near the fan.

The gable fan is so efficient that it operates on only 30 watts of power...about the same as a bedroom night light. If the fan is operated continuously and never turned off, it would consume less than 22 kilowatts of electricity in a month which would cost you about $4.00 per month.

The fan has four mounting brackets and is intended to screw mount to the inside face of the vertical studs on each side of your gable end vent.

Q: There is a label on the gable fan motor reads 1.25 amps. How is this different than the .25 amps than is actually used in this applications specification?

The label on the gable attic fan motor saying 1.25 amps is showing the motor rating at maximum current draw if the torque on the motor was at it's maximum. It has nothing to do with the actual amperage being used. The actual amperage being used is very easily measured by anyone with a simple amp probe. The motor is only drawing .25 AMPERAGE (.25 x 120 volts = 30 watts total)

Q: Can you tell me if you calculate the Gable fan in the same manner you calculate the Whole house fans. I have a 2800 sq ft home and need to vent the attic with a Gable fan. Would one fan move this space sufficiently or do I need two.

A: The HVI (Home Ventilation Institute) recommends .7 cfm per sq. ft. That means if you took the square feet of the attic and times it by .7, you would have the cfms recommended. This is 700 cfms for every 1000 square feet of attic. If you have a 2800 sq. ft home., the attic could be anywhere from 1000 to 2000 sq ft. in a 2 story or up to 2800 in a single story. So if the home is a 2 story home, then probably 1 attic fan or if it is a single story, then 2 attic fans.

Q: 1.Can the QuietCool AFG ES 1500 be mounted on a angle to ventilate through a roof dormer. And does the height location matter when ventilating in the garage ie. venting from the garage wall instead.

2.Since this is a attic-less garage that has an adjoining wall to the house attic. Does it create excessive heat to vent into the house attic and have the second gable fan exhaust through the vents. I expect that this creates more heat in the house attic and is ill advised.

3.Do you have a copy of the installation and over all dimensions of the fan outside diameter is 14 5/8" also looking for the height (depth) of the fan. How much clearance do I need off the surface mount.

A: Here are the answers to your questions:

1. The AFG ES-1500 fan can easily be mounted on an angle to ventilate through a roof dormer vent.

2. It should not create any excessive heat to ventilate through a garage wall into the house attic and out the house attic vents, providing there is adequate vent area in the house attic. In fact, it would be advantageous to do it this way.

3. The AFG ES-1500 fan is approx. 14-5/8" outside diameter and 10" overall length. One end mounts flush to the surface and requires 10" in height plus at least 6" of air intake space, or 16".
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