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Rotator Curved Shower Rod
Rotator Curved Shower RodRotator Curved Shower Rod
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Rotator Curved Shower Rod

Item code: rr-rod-x
Price: $63.00
Curved Shower Rod That Rotates

Safe, Easy, and Secure
In Stock
Rotator Curved Shower Rod will add style and convenience to any bathroom and is perfect for those who enjoy relaxing and comfortable escapes from daily life, The Rotator Rod is the curved shower tool that provides more than added function space, it delivers airy luxury and peace-of-mind. Airy Luxury with One Rotation Taking a shower is often more than just getting clean,

it’s about escaping to a place to relax, recharge and renew. Due to small tubs and curtains that hang straight down, causing them to cling upon the slightest move, “getting away from it all” is not possible”.

That all changes thanks to The Rotator Rod™. How does it work? 

Unlike traditional curved shower rods that only stay in the expanded position, The Original Rotator Rod pivots to create a roomier bathroom.

Through a patented one-of-a-kind rotation system, The Rotator Rod expands the space within an ordinary shower by 33%.

For the first time, the fixed space of the shower/bathroom is transformed to either a luxurious shower experience or expanded space for everyday living. Bonus!!!!

While in the “in”, the stainless steel rod provides a unique drip-dry system to allow wet clothes, swim suits and towels to drain into the tub, not onto the floor and o In the “in” position, the shower curtain hangs away from the tub -- allowing the curtain to dry faster.

Chose Model Above:

"Stainless Rod, White Cap, White Ball SWW60Y"

"Stainless Rod, Bright Chrome Cap, White Ball SCW60Y"

"Stainless Rod, Bright Chrome Cap, Black Ball SCB60Y"

"Brushed Stainless Rod, Brushed Nickel Cap, White Ball SBW60Y"

"Brushed Stainless Rod, Brushed Nickel Cap, Black Ball SBB60Y"

 Construction:

o Rod – 22 gauge stainless steel

o End caps/Brackets – ABS and nylon for strength

 Components:

Currently all made in the U.S.

Dimensions: 10” x 4” x 59”


o The stainless steel rod has either a brilliant or brushed finish.

o End caps are available in white, bright chrome or brushed nickel

o Accent balls are are available in black or white.

Ah…The Rod Reacher™… The Rod Reacher is an ingenuous compliment that provides easy reach and smooth rotation.

For even more convenience, a Rod Reacher is included with each System.


Q: How long will it take to put my Rotator Rod together?

A: No time. It comes to you completely assembled out of the box.

Q: How long will it take me to install my Rotator Rod?

A: It will take a handy-type person about 15 minutes. If you're like me, though, and have to measure, remeasure and then do it again just to be sure, it may take 30 minutes. It really is simple.

1.Secure the wall mounts with 2 screws on each side 2.Slide the the rod in place till you hear the "click" 3.Tighten the caps

Q: How many people will be needed to install it?

A: One. It has been specifically designed so that one person can handle the job.

Q: What is the Rotator Rod made of?

A: The shower rod itself is made of stainless steel. The brackets are made of the same plastic as your car bumpers, with some nylon thrown in for good measure. The Rod Reacher is made of the same acrylic as Nascar windshields.

Q: How long will my Rotator Rod last?

A: It comes with a 1 year warranty, no questions asked. We believe you will love your Rotator Rod and the extra room you enjoy both in your bathtub/shower and in your bathroom.

Q: You say it fits a "standard" tub. What exactly does that mean?

A: Great question. A "standard" tub measures 60 inches coming out of the box. During installation, it's framed in with drywall and maybe tile, so a "standard" 60 inch tub, really measures between 58-59 1/2 inches. The Rotator Rod is designed to fit this opening beautifully.

Q: How is the rod adjusted for different lengths?

A: On each end, there is a "rod insert" that is designed to move in and out of the rod, giving it a longer or shorter reach. This length is found automatically during the process of installation.
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