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Sanyo Air Purifier Washer System
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Sanyo Air Purifier Washer System

Item code: oci ABCVW24A
Price: $289.99
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Each one of us typically breathes in about 15,000 liters (15 cubic meters)* of air into our lungs every day. Since air is so vital to our very existence, it makes sense to think very carefully about this remarkable but invisible substance. SANYO developed the Virus Washer function to suppress airborne viruses by using electrolyzed water. It literally washes the air to make it fresh and clean. And it may just become the new standard in air purification

The hydroxyl radicals and hypochlorous acid contained in electrolyzed water work together to destroy the spikes on the surface of a virus. This allows it to wrap around, disinfect, and deodorize airborne viruses, bacteria and mold, as well as pollen, dust mite feces and shells, and odor molecules.

There are many objects in a room, like tables and sofas, that obstruct the flow of air. To resolve this problem, SANYO uses a system that disperses electrolytic mist in three directions: upward, to the left, and to the right. This long-lasting disinfectant mist envelops a room to reach every spot, even areas adjacent to furniture.

Specifications Model number ABC-VW24

Suggested room size Up to 40 m2

Switch Auto/Manual (3-step)

Dimensions (W x H x D) 340 x 600 x 180 mm

Weight 7.1 kg

Power consumption (W) 50/60 Hz

(With disinfectant electrolytic mist turned off) High: 50 (45), Mid: 16 (11), Low: 8 (4)

Airflow (m3/min) 50/60 Hz High: 5.1, Mid: 2.8, Low: 1.2

Operating noise (dB) 50/60 Hz High: 52, Mid: 37, Low: 18

Filters Pre-filter Yes (washable)

Dust-trapping filter Allergy-blocking, disinfectant HEPA filter

Deodorizing filter Nanotech carbon deodorizing filter Antimicrobial treatment Antibacterial agent containing catechin

Filter lifetime 4 years *9

Recommended to clean air containing these contaminants:

Mold spores, Viruses, Dust mite feces, Bacteria NOx (from exhaust gas), Dust, Pollen, Tobacco smoke Odors, Formaldehyde, Pet dust, Other functions Disinfectant

Electrolytic mist Yes

Inverter Yes

Sensor Odors, dust

Air cleanliness indicator Clean sign

Sensor sensitivity adjustment Yes

Timer operation 1 hr/2 hr/8 hr

The unit cannot eliminate the toxins (carbon monoxide, etc.) contained in tobacco smoke. It also cannot completely remove odor-causing substances that are being generated on a constant basis, such as those from building materials, pets, etc.
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