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Fingerprint Wall Safe
Fingerprint Wall SafeFingerprint Wall SafeFingerprint Wall Safe
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Fingerprint Wall Safe

Item code: etl-207xx
Price: $249.00
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The Wall Vault Fingerprint Wall Safe was designed and engineered by a concerned, caring gun owner to protect himself and his loved ones from an accidental discharge while insuring optimum family security.

The SecureLogic Wall Vault is the state of the art gun storage and valuables storage safe.

Designed to be mounted into any wall of your home between 2 16" center studs. The door instantly drops at the touch of a finger or acceptance of a Fingerpint/PIN allowing only those with authorization to gain access.

Approved by the Department of Justice as a Firearem Safety Device, the Wall Vault's cutting edge biometric fingerprint recognition technology and stainless steel construction give you peace of mind that your valuable are safe and secure.

Fingerprints and PIN's are stored, verified or deleted with ease. A hidden secondary compartment can secure documents, passports, firearm accessories and more. Even more, the Wall Vault runs on a rechargable battery, No Wiring!

In case of a dead battery, a hidden back up lock is standard on all of our products. A key is included for immediate access to your Wall Vault.

  • Child Proof
  • Handsome Stainless Steel Construction
  • Biometric Sensor System
  • Wall Mount
  • Recessed Door
  • Protective Interior
  • Low Battery Alert System
  • Immediate Access
  • DOJ Approved Firearm Safety Device

    The Wall Vault is available with either a biometric fingerprint recognition sensor or electronic keypad. The biometric model stores up to 6 unique fingerprints and 2 PIN codes while the keypad model accommodates 2 PIN codes that can be any numeric sequence 1-8 digits in length.

    •A hidden secondary compartment can secure documents, passports, firearm accessories, and more.

    •The Wall Vault™ uses a long-lasting 12-volt rechargeable battery so there's no batteries to replace. Just plug in the charger when the audible alert sounds.

    •Emergency key overide included.

    •Immediate Access Door drops down and internal light goes on upon opening for immediate access to the contents within.

    •Handsome Stainless Steel Construction Constructed of 14-gauge stainless steel for maximum strength and durability.

    •Wall Mount Easily and securely mounts between two 16-inch studs in almost any wall of the home.

    •Easily Programs from Front Unique programming keypad makes adding and deleting user fingerprints a snap.

    •The Safe is one of the most advanced and innovative gun storage systems on the market incorporating biometric fingerprint scanning technology for easy, but tamper-proof entry.

    *Keypad model also available (choose above)


    Exterior Closed 15.5 in x 4.5 in x 16.25 in

    Exterior Open 23 in x 4.5 in x 16.25 in

    Weight 25 lbs - 11.34 kgs. Battery and Power

    Battery Type 12 V 4.0 - 5.0 Ah equivalent


    Charging is simple. Plug the included AC Adapter into a standard wall outlet and place the charger into the charging port.

    Low battery indicator will beep when the battery requires charging.

    It is recommended to charge the Wall Vault on a monthly basis.

    Read The Wall Vault Installation Manual (opens in new window)
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