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Misting Fan –Outdoor misting fan

Luma Comfort Outdoor Misting Fan MF18W
Price: $169.99
Luma Comfort Commercial Misting Fan MF24B
Price: $479.99
Outdoor Misting Fan 10 gallon PM-18S
Price: $592.90
Indoor Misting Fan SF-1515W Provides Cool Mist At Home or Office
Price: $119.88
Compact Portable Mist Fan MT1-19-33
Price: $119.99
Velos Outdoor Mist Fan AMMF16R-1
Price: $235.00
Brisa 30" Commercial Large DRY Misting Fan AM11MF30-1
Price: $725.00
Luma Comfort Large Misting Fan Water Tank MF26B Heavy Duty
Price: $749.99
Auramist Milo 18 inch Oscillating DRY Home Misting Fan
Price: $379.99
Golf Cart Mist Cooling System
Price: $789.99
Sunpentown, SPT Outdoor Misting Fan SF-1670M
Price: $145.95
Indoor Misting Fan SF-3314MD
Price: $125.50
Oscillating Misting Fan SF-1666M
Price: $199.99
Outdoor Misting Fans by AuraMist, SPT, & TPI. Get relief with a cool mist of water on hot summer days with our outdoor misting fans. These fans cool the surrounding area by blowing fine droplets of mist that is pushed from the air flow generated by the fan blades.

This combination of air flow and water creates an amazing cooling effect. At A Trendy home, we stock a variety of misting fans and commercial models with built in water tanks to fit your application and budget. We even have models that will cool you in a golf cart!

Perfect for dry and low moisture locations, our misting fans are less expensive to run that air conditioning and high capacity blower fans.

Some of the mist fans connect with a garden hose while others have water tank. As an added benefit some models are light enough to be moved indoors and used as a standard floor fan without the water or hose attached.

To start cooling simply connect our outdoor misting fans to any regular garden hose or faucet (most models), plug-it in and turn the fan and water connection on.

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