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Whole House Fans

QC CL-3100 QuietCool Whole House Fan 3190 CFM
As you probably know, using energy guzzling electricity to operate air conditioning to recirculate air through your home is expensive and prevents fresh air exchanges. By using an opened window in conjunction with the QuietCool QC CL-3100 system, you can move hot, stale air out of your home and replace it with fresh and cool outside air. Energy rates are increasing every year in most areas. With...
Price: $799.00
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QuietCool Whole House Fans
Whole House Cooling is best achieved by using energy efficient and quiet whole house fans. The best product are the ducted whole house fans by QuietCool. The are very quiet fans that install in your attic for whole house cooling and ventilation.

End Hot Sleepless Nights And High Air Conditioning Bills, Here's How They Work...
  • Pulls cool outside air into your home using open windows that you select to open

  • Creates a breeze of the new fresh air throughout the home

  • Pulls the cooler circulated air into the attic space and pushes it out of your existing attic vents

  • Easy to install and use

  • Recommended and now required by many states in all new residential construction

By installing a Whole House Fan in the attic, you can realize the relief of cool, blowing air and the benefits of having a cool and well ventilated home, while cutting your electric usage and save money! Whole house fans are a great option for when looking for a fan for home or business. By working to save energy, whole house fans are doing their part to help the environment too.

You could buy a traditional whole house fan at lowes or a home depot whole house fan, but these fans tend to be very loud since they mount directly on the ceiling from inside the attic. Also their shutter system does very little to insulate the hole in the ceiling to the attic compared to the QuietCool.

Several of the Classic Models are 2 speed capable.

Energy Commission Approves More Efficient Buildings for California's Future Includes Whole House Fans

Quiet Cool Fans

QUIETCOOL FANS-Ducted models include the QC-1500, QC-2250, QC-3200, QC4500 Quiet Giant, as well as the new ES Energy Saving models that are made with DC motors to save even more electricity.

QuietCool Fans Product Lines: Classic Line, Energy Saver Line, Speciality Line, QuietCool Accessories

For more information visit QuietCool Whole House Fan Deals

News Update:

New building standards in California will require whole house fans in homes.

The California Energy Commission voted new standards for residential construction that have energy efficiency in midn.

As of 2014, new home builders will have to build new homes with solar ready roofs, more energy efficient windows, insulated hot water pipes and whole house fans, as well as other improvements.

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