The Best Clothes Steamers

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Clothing steamers are worth an investment because they can remove creases from complex fabrics such as the ones in dressing. Moreover, they can be used to refresh clothes and make single-worn clothes look presentable again. You can also use them to sanitize since steam can lift odors and kill 99.9% of bacteria. Therefore, you can use them to clean your furniture and curtains.

It does not matter if you choose to have a small and compact steamer or a large vertical steamer with a clothes hanger since both have the same function. You hold the steamer in one hand and the fabric you wish to work on in the other hand. We used different clothes steamers to bring you this list.

1. IXEO Power QT2020 by Tefal

Capacity: 1.1 L

Measurements: 40 x 40 x 168 cm

Weight: 13.2 kg

Power Needed: 2,170 watts

Though Tefal is a premium brand, there are just 2 things that we do not like. The first one is it is expensive. The second one is it takes a long time to unpack and install. When you know you paid a lot, you do not want to go through the difficulty of unpacking. Assembling also takes time.

If money and unpacking are not an issue, this is one of the best steamers you will have. The head of the steamer is close to an iron soleplate. This structure is not only for aesthetics since you can steam clothes when you hang them vertically against the boards, change the angle of the board to 30 degrees for added comfort, or position it horizontally so that you can use it as an iron.

The black and copper theme is nice. The wheels make it possible to transport the steamer easily. The steam hose and power cord have a 1.8 m measurement. According to the package, you just need to wait for 70 seconds before you can use it. However, when we tested it, we waited for 10 seconds more than what was stated.

It can straighten shirts in less than 1 minute. We found this to be the best at removing creases from a linen dress when we did a test. The shots of steam lasted for 30 seconds which is a decent period before you steam iron other parts of the fabric.

2. Express Steam 361000 by Morphy Richards

Capacity: 260 ml

Measurements: 34.5 x 19.5 x 22 cm

Weight: 1.44 kg

Power Needed: 1,750 watts

This Morphy Richards steamer is mid-priced but has a clever, ergonomic, and innovative design. The unit is slim but its water tank can hold 260 ml of water. The shape makes it possible to easily balance it in the hand and it is also light. It can heat up after 35 seconds.

The steamer also comes with many other great design features. It has a single clip-on tool that has a great brush with stiff bristles at the top. You can see the squeegee underneath which is great for taking off lint. From our test, we observed that the brush is great on upholsteries as well.

One unusual feature you will see in Express Steam is the additional steam hole that has a plastic clip. This allows users to use the top part to straighten out creases and collars. The result is not as great as using an iron, but it is acceptable. You can easily use the steamer to remove wrinkles from uniforms or press collars quickly.

3. Black S-Nomad by SteamOne

Capacity: 140 ml

Measurements: 12 x 14 x 22 cm

Weight: 1.52 kg

Power Needed: 1,600 watts

Since this steamer is designed by French, you can expect it to be stylish. The matte appearance gives it a classic look. The design is functional since the grip feels great since the steamer will not easily slip from your hand.

Even though the water tank is quite limited to 140 ml, it includes an adapter that makes it possible to use a regular small drinking water bottle. Therefore, this StemOne steamer is ideal if you are traveling or you just want extra water capacity.

You will also get a basic travel bag that has a convenient hook on a sucker making it easy to hang your clothes from a mirror, wardrobe door, or bathroom wall when you steam them.

4. F10 by Fridja

Capacity: 260 ml

Measurements: 15 x 12 x 22 cm

Weight: 1.6 kg

Power Needed: 1,500 watts

This steamer from Fridja has an oversized velvet bag that can be used by anyone. Therefore, it looks very classy. There are also accessories including a plastic piece that the company says gives great results on collars, a fabric guard for the steam head when working on delicate fabrics, and a fold-up hanger for clothes. However, there is no brush.

You will also get a nice bottle adaptor so that you bring the steamer more easily when you are on vacation or photoshoots. You can just change the 260 ml water tank and attach the adaptor instead which you can with many water bottles. Having a 2 m power cable, it can be a little short. All in all, the design is modern and clean. It comes with bright and large power lights.

This steamer is powerful and comes with a sliding switch which makes it easy to turn on continuously if needed. You can steam for 8 minutes at a time. The accessory for collars is decent but not great. Steamers cannot have the same results as irons. Nonetheless, the accessory can help get the job done.

5. BEL0932RG Handi Steam Max Pro by Beldray

Capacity: 270 ml

Measurements: 18.7 x 11.9 x 29.2 cm

Weight: 1.22 kg

Power Needed: 1,500 watts

This is a beautiful steamer since it has a black and rose gold color theme. The price point is also good. When you purchase this Beldray steamer online, you can save more. What we like about it is the trigger and the 270 ml water tank. We also like the steam which is strong enough and the fabric brush which helps in pressing collars and creases.

However, we are not very satisfied with the power cord since it is only 2 m which we think could have been longer. The lights which indicate the power settings are hard to see from across the back.

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