3 Best Microwaves to Buy Online

April 11, 2022 0 Comments

If you have the best microwave, you can heat food fast. However, modern microwaves can do more than that. Many microwaves now are combined appliances such as a griller and oven.

Although you choose to get a microwave only for your kitchen, you can get smart features. Some of these technologies include timer delays, safety locks, and buttons with special cooking functions such as melting chocolate. Therefore, microwaving food is a smooth experience.

We included built-in and countertop microwaves in our list. Countertop microwaves are easy because you just need to plug them and start using them. Another great thing about them is that they do not take too much space. On the other hand, built-in microwaves are more challenging to install. However, it transforms your kitchen to look sleek once it is installed.

Continue reading to know the best microwaves for 2021 in this buying guide.

1. Hotpoint Curve MWH 1311

Type: Standalone, corner

Capacity: 13 L

Key Features: Has 4 cooking levels, safety lock, space-saving, memo button

This solid microwave oven has no oven or grill, but it has a great design. The curved structure at the back makes it fit into a tight corner, with the front part facing any direction. The design is smart because the corners are not very useful on kitchen worktops.

You can also place it anywhere. It also saves space because it has a complete stop at only 39 cm wide and 35 cm deep. Therefore, its height, which is 36 cm, is quite high. The capacity may be only 13 liters, but it can fit a 28 cm round plate or a dinner plate.

You will also love how simple this microwave is. You can microwave at 4 power levels which are 160W, 350W, 500W, and up to 700W. It might give you the impression that 700W is low power. Nevertheless, when we tried baking large potatoes, we were able to do it in 10 minutes.

Other features that it has are standard such as a kitchen timer, safety lock for children, and clock. The controls are intuitive. You simply need to press the plus & minus buttons to set the cooking time. Then, you just press the Start Button to start cooking on full power or at intervals for 30 seconds. There’s also the memo button feature which can help you save your favorite settings.

Because it is simple and compact, it is great if you have a small kitchen.

Before you make up your mind, watch the product review below:

2. Panasonic NN-DF386BBPQ

Type: oven, grill, and freestanding

Capacity: 23 L

Key Features: Has a wire-grilling rack, pull-down door, and metal crisper plate

This Panasonic freestanding microwave oven does a great job of functioning as an oven and grill. It has useful functions that it is hard to imagine how you can survive food preparations for parties without it.

Before we dive deeper into features, let’s have a quick look at this review video:

It has a pull-down door, oven design, and flatbed structure instead of a rotating table. Therefore, you enjoy 30% more space when you cook. It has a wire rack that is made for grilling and a full-width tray made of enamel when you cook using the oven. Moreover, its metal crisper plate does well in quickly heating the bottom part of the food. For instance, when you reheat pizza, you will not have to eat any soggy part.

The controls are also easy. 7 automatic settings can help you cook common dishes by weight. You will also see a sticker attached to the door as a reminder. It comes with an instruction manual that provides recipes and cooking tips. Other features include a timer delay, a safety lock, and a clock.

You expect the cooking results to be accurate and amazing. Gone are the days when defrosted bread becomes soggy. That is because you can have fresh bread with this microwave from Panasonic. When we cooked a large potato using this, it was surprising that the outside is crispy, yet the inside is fluffy. It was cooked in just 13 minutes. Home cooks and chefs will enjoy this microwave and anyone who wants a bigger oven space.

3. Sage Quick Touch Crisp

The last one on our list is the Sage quick touch crisp:

Type: Microwave-grill combo

Capacity: 25 L

Key Features: Has smart menus, large capacity, “Bit More” button

This Sage microwave has convenient shortcuts and wonderful menus. Moreover, you have the standard controls for the microwave when the door is shut. You can also defrost and grill food.

Another interesting feature it has is the smart menus. These can help you prepare different dishes and see the ingredients. It is not hard to navigate the recipes because the display is large enough.

There are 10 convenient buttons inside the door. Do not worry since they are not all for unhealthy food. Some of these buttons are for softening butter, caramelizing, and melting chocolate. It can be said that this microwave makes it easy to become a cook. We tried using the microwave to make cheese on toast. We liked it because we were able to make three delicious slices at the same time.

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