4 Best Video Doorbells

November 1, 2021 0 Comments

With video doorbells, you do not need to guess who is at your front door because this kind of doorbell has video and audio that can be paired with your smartphone. Therefore, you can see who is at your door even when you are not home because of these Wi-Fi-connected video doorbells. Take a look at some of the best in the market.

1. Video Doorbell 3 Plus by Ring

Video Quality: 1080p

Audio Quality: Two-way audio and noise cancellation

Power Source: Rechargeable battery pack with a quick-release feature

This video doorbell is one of the top ones because it is made by the company that pioneered this technology many years ago. It has maintained the quality of its doorbells without having to make them pricey. The Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus is a doorbell that uses a battery for its power. The battery We love how easy it was to install. It took us only less than an hour. The battery lasts for 6 months before it needs to be recharged. Charging can be done using a phone charger.

This doorbell looks like the older models. This is not a disadvantage since it still looks recognizable and good. It works great in preventing burglars. The quality of the video is amazing because of the 1080p full HD, and the audio is clear. The previous model sets this model because it has features such as Pre-roll because of the dual-band Wi-Fi. Pre-roll shows you the person approaching for a few seconds before they ring the bell. Therefore, you have an idea who the person is earlier.

2. Nest Hello

Video Quality: HDR video

Audio Quality: High-quality microphone and crisp speakers

Power Source: 12 V AC – 24 V AC; needs a wired doorbell and an 8 VA transformer

The nest is owned by Google. Therefore, it has smart features that are ideal for homes. If you have Nest Wifi, Thermostat, or Home, getting this door is a good idea because all of these utilize one app. This means that integrating Google Assistant on your door alerts is also possible with the Google Home speaker making your home Google smart.

Nest Hello can virtually recognize faces, so you can set up an alert if you want to check if you want to know the person at your front door or not. This is great if you have a family member that gets home late. The image is clear because of the HD video that comes with HDR. The feature lets you see the person even though the background is sunny or dark.

3. Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Video Quality: HD 1080p video

Audio Quality: Two-way system

Power Source: Plug-In Adapter or hardwire to existing doorbell kit

This is a ring doorbell, but this doorbell is great in its niche. That is why it made it on this list. Various models depend on the needs. This ring video doorbell is recommended for those who do not want batteries and want to enjoy more features.

When we tested these video doorbells, we noticed that all of them did well in notifying. This is the most basic because that is what a doorbell is for. Nevertheless, if you require more security, you can use the motion detection feature of this doorbell. The video doorbell does well since it has an app that allows you to set areas where you want to be alerted and smart sensors.

The design has a very slim finish making it look appealing. There is also a single long black glass at the center, making the front of your house look sleek. It also has interchangeable plates to make you pick the perfect first. Wiring it is a breeze since there is an adapter. The provided tools and easy-to-follow instructions make it quick to set up.

4. Byron Wi-Fi Rechargeable Video Doorbell

Video Quality: 720 HD video

Audio Quality: Two-way audio

Power Source: Rechargeable battery pack

Byron has been in the doorbell industry for a long time. They can keep up with the time with their smart video doorbells. It has a motion detector that you can connect with the app on your phone. The app is basic but functional. If you do not want batteries to power it, you can also avail yourself of the wired model.

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