Easy but Super Stylish Ways to Do Woodwork

March 15, 2021 0 Comments

Simplicity indeed goes a long way. The same thing can be said with woodwork specifically walls. Having great walls is great, but you do not need to go all out to make them look amazing.

Regardless if you want attention-grabbing entranceways by redecorating the theme or giving your kitchen cupboards a makeover, you can use water-based paint to do it fast but stylishly. Here are some simple but chic tips to make your woodwork from drab to fantastic instantly.

Redecorate Fire Surrounds

A mantelpiece is a great piece to add design to any room except if the wood is starting to peel off or the wood used is stained using a dated orange varnish. It may look intimidating, but you can make these fire surroundings from boring to fun on your weekend.

You can opt for a classic solid color to make the pieces look more interesting and dynamic. This is because of the dark hues that will make your space a little more glamorous. If you want something bold and modern, this is the ideal decorating idea for you. It is also a practical design because it can hide soot and smoke than cab build up. If you prefer a pop of color, you can for shades such as pink, bright yellow, or teal.

New Door Color

A white door will always be a classic. Nevertheless, you can opt for new more stylish shades. You can match the color of your door to your framework to add more impact. You can choose cool colors such as green since it can make the place relaxing because it can remind you of nature and its tranquility.

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