Fun Ideas to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets Within a Budget

March 10, 2021 0 Comments

Reorganizing your kitchen can be stressful and expensive. Therefore, if you are still satisfied with the design and your cabinets look great, you should just consider painting them. If you can paint them yourself, you can use the money you save to get some new worktops or cabinet handles.

Probably the best explainer video on YouTube about how to paint kitchen cabinets:

Where to Start Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Many experts recommend taking off the doors by unclipping at the hinges. If you paint horizontally, you are less prone to drips and runs. If you do not have enough space or you cannot remove the doors, you can just use masking tape to cover the hinges. You should also cover the metalwork and parts you do not intend to paint. You need to remember to remove the handles. A cordless screwdriver can make this task easier. Have newspaper or dust sheets on the floor to protect it.

Cleaning built-up kitchen dirt is crucial in repainting your kitchen cabinet doors. You can use a special degreaser to clean very dirty parts. Then, you sand the surface so that the paint grip can hold better. You just need to finely sand them using 150 to 250 grit paper, There is no need to do this hard even on a matte surface. After that, you clean the dust using a damp cloth and let the cabinets dry completely.

Primers make a great base when you apply the pain. It will conceal any imperfections that can show through. The primer you use will depend on the surface you will paint on. You can just read the can or use a universal primer. Do take note that a wood primer is only for unpainted and bare wood. If you are unsure of what primer to use, you can show a photo or bring a door to the nearest decorating or DIY store for suggestions.

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