How to Design a Room Using Dormers?

January 13, 2022 0 Comments

No matter how big homes might be, they always seem to shrink smaller in size as your family gets larger. One of the best ways to enlarge the size of your home is to make your attic a livable space.

Because of the proximity of your attic to the roof, there will be little allowance for light and headroom. This is where dormers step in. They are additions that boost your attic space and enhance natural light coming in.

Using dormers to design your attic room may not be all that simple. The purpose of this article will help you get a refurbished attic that’s chic and functional. Let’s get started.

Choose the Type of Dormer That Will Suit Your Family’s Needs

The type of dormer you choose goes a long way in determining the amount of space and light that will be added to your attic room. The most popular kind of dormer is Gable dormer. However, Gable dormers are typically narrow and do not add as much light and space compared to other dormers.

Hipped dormers are similar to Gable dormers in terms of the amount of light and space it adds to the attic. However, it works best with a hipped roof. The best option to enhance the lighting and spacing of your attic is the Shed dormer.

The Shed dormer has more depth and width than other types, creating more headroom and spacing for bigger windows.

Include Built-in Features

While in the processing of adding dormers to your attic space, built-ins should be included in the addition as well. Considering factors such as the size of the window and the type of dormer you want to add, you can integrate features that will enhance the functionality and comfort of your attic space.

For dormers with more width, incorporating a window seat under the window is a great way to use natural lighting for activities such as reading.

Another built-in you can add to your loft is a storage cabinet beneath your seat to make the most of your space. Shelving units are another way to maximize space as well.

Go for French Doors Rather Than Windows

french doors

Dormers are usually fitted with windows to let in more light. However, French doors are a better option for some attic layouts. French doors let in ample natural lighting that will illuminate a dark attic space, and you can use them to design a balcony off the attic space. This gives you quite a view!

You may also put a balcony extension when adding your dormer, depending on the type of roofline you have.

Maximize Your Nooks

If you decide to skip on built-ins and add dormers, you can still use the corners created by the inclusion of dormers. If your dormer was added in the middle of your attic space, it’s the best position to add an item you want to serve as the centerpiece of your attic.

If it’s your attic bedroom, the bed should be placed in the dormer to have a cozy sleeping corner.

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