The Best Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

March 11, 2021 0 Comments

There is no single answer for this since it all depends on the type of door and finish you prefer. Special multipurpose paint is best on laminates because it is made for melamine, MDF, and wood. Interior or eggshell wood paint is great on kitchen doors with paint or wooden ones. For kitchen cupboards, you can use chalk paint. Nevertheless, you need to coat it with wax or varnish them so that it can become a wipeable surface.

Arch Painting Trends on Instagram That Are Worth Trying for Your Next Decorating Project

You can be on trend with the latest painting ideas that are taking Instagram by storm. When you are looking for new home updates, one of the best social media platforms to check Instagram. The trend that can catch your attention is painting arch. It can give a boost to any space without spending much.

Aside from being affordable, this easy paint method can make your walls more attractive and add architectural design. You can get ideas from the arch painting designs of modern homeowners. A dyed arch is great in any room. Arch Painting is the latest trend for a good reason. That is because it can refresh any room such as hallways, bedrooms, and living rooms.

In hallways, you can add bold color and get creative with painting an arch. You can make it appealing by adding pink. Your visitors will surely marvel when they see this interesting hue in your hallway. Once they enter your home, they will be interested to see what else you have in store in your home design.

For the kitchen, you can have a coral arch painted over a bright aquamarine square. This design can have more impact on your arch making it the ideal background for your kitchen shelves.

Your living room can become sassy by adding a painted arch to highlight the artwork of simple lines on the wall if you have any. Combining colors can make the design all come together.

For the bedroom, you can use a painted arch to accentuate your side table. This is effective in making an illusion of wall architecture. It can make your bedroom very impressive. You can also add the painting style in your doorway to make the area look more artistic.

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