Ways to Convert Your Loft

March 1, 2021 0 Comments

Do you need more space? Then, a loft conversion can be a good idea. There are many advantages when you convert your loft. For starters, you can likely have the biggest unused area in your home without having to do much to convert. Moreover, it is simple, affordable, and less of a hassle when moving to a new home. What is better is that you might just need to add insulation and ventilation and make the floor stronger.

A specific head height is required before you plan a loft conversion. You need to follow it so that you will be compliant. A good rule of thumb is to have a 2.2 distance between the top floor joist of your loft and the bottom part of your ridge beam.

Moreover, you have enough head height for a loft conversion if you can easily measure 210 cm from the tallest part of the roof to the floor. You need at least half the loft area to make a comfy living room or attic bedroom. Nevertheless, you need to consider putting a comfort room or bathroom beneath the sloping eave. The headroom isn’t as much of a priority here.

Before you start any construction, you need to draw up architectural plans. You need to make sure that these plans are permitted and the requirements are met. If you have joined from another side, you need to have agreements. Lastly, you need to comply with the building control inspections.

Lofts are rather self-contained unlike an extension at the beginning of the construction. They can still be accessed from the outside, so it means you can still stay in your home while the conversion is ongoing.

Unlike an extension, because lofts are pretty much self-contained during the early stages of building. They can be conveniently accessed from the outside. This means you can continue living in your house while the work is carried out.

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