Ways to Have Fun with Fairy Lights in Your Home and Bedroom

March 2, 2021 0 Comments

String lights or fairy lights are not only used as Christmas decorations. When you get creative with them, you can see beautiful lights without your space looking too childish or festive. The fairy light decoration ideas you will see here are great for any room in your home. Therefore, you will have the inspiration to design your bedroom, children’s bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, and kitchens.

Fake Fire

Having a real fire in your room may add a great glow. Nevertheless, there are several reasons why many people do not opt for this. One of the problems could be not having a chimney and installing one can be a problem or too costly. Other reasons are they are impractical or you have pets or children at home that could get hurt with real flames.

There is a fireplace idea that you can do with fairy lights. Clusters of these lights can give your room the feel of a real glow without exposing anyone to danger. You can also use fake tea lights on stands for added height and effect.

Instant Task Light in Your Kitchen

Good lighting in your kitchen can make you spend a lot. If you are looking for a lighting option for your kitchen, you can use fairy lights. You can line your fairy lights under your shelf or wall cabinets to have ample illumination when slicing ingredients or preparing food. It can also give a good ambiance after you serve dinner.

Plain Corner Lighting

Do you have a dull or dark corner in your house that you do not what to do with? You can screw a hook into your ceiling and hang fairy lights for brightness. You can also hang some macrame baskets and put plants in there. You just need to make sure not to overdo with fixtures since it might break the plaster.

Add Color to A Child’s Room

Fairy lights do not only make a space bright. These can also be a great way to add color. Therefore, these can be great room accents whether they are turned off or on. This is one of the best kid’s bedroom ideas to try because you do not spend much on lights with designs. You can create your own and stick them to the fairy lights. You can have the look or colors you want.

Highlighting Furniture

If you have furniture to upcycle or you want to highlight one, you can drape your fairy lights over your chosen furniture. It will surely become a centerpiece in any room.

Lights for Your Headboard

To give your bedroom soft light, you can use fairy lights. The brightness is perfect to make when you are reading late at night or having a cup of tea in your bed in the morning. You can also wrap them in your bedposts or put them on top of your headboard.

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